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Top 10 Home Design Trends Of 2016

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2016

Every year it’s always fascinating to see the top design trends, some may come as a surprise and cause you to shake your head in total disbelief.

This year was a well anticipated one…… Enjoy!


Here Is The House and Home’s Full Report On: Top 10 Design Trends Of 2016



10. 70’s Italian  Style – This includes angular lines and lots of lux textures.


9. Retro Family Time – More people are turning off electronic devices, spending quality time together playing board games, ping pong etc. As a result oversize comfy chairs and sofas are coming back in style. These big pieces even provides the opportunity for the entire family to snuggle up and watch movies together, just like the good old days!


8. Updated Naturals – Beige mats infused with bright colors such as: blue, orange, pink etc.

7. Parquetry –  Parque designs are being used in furniture, fabrics and even accessories. So yes, parque isn’t for just flooring anymore.


Photo credits: www.timelessinteriordesigner.com.au             www.wanelo.com         www.redbridgemarquetrygroup.org


6. Next Generation Appliances – These are usually smaller compact pieces that saves time and money. They may include washer and dryer that allows you to do two loads at once. Or simply a dryer that steam clean clothes, saving you time and money from going to the cleaners.


5. Serene Simple Style – Centers around creating calm, simple and zen spaces. Kind of like less is best.

4. Modern Glass-Front Ended Cabinet – Used to showcase unique kitchen collection and accessories.
3. Pretty and Practical – Combines hard working spaces with soft palettes and pretty prints. E.g pastel colors in kitchens and bathrooms.
2. Inlaid Stone Floors – Custom unique stone floors. If you’re on a budget you could try this look using paint and tape.
Aww, a Chanel floor....gorge!:
Photo credit: Citified.blogspot.com


1. Pin-Leg Furniture – This style is mostly featured in chairs and beds boasting thin legs.


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