Sep 14

Fall 2017 Velvet Home Furnishing Design Trends

As the weather shifts into fall, it can be a calm and exciting time to redecorate your home.

After all, who wouldn’t like to relax in a comfy house with a hot cup of tea or coffee in their favorite sofa or chair?


Talking about favorite chair or sofa…….. Have you seen the latest luxurious and hip velvet home furnishings lately?

Yes, you heard me right, velvet home furnishings.

And believe me….I’m not talking about your grandmother’s favorite velvet home furnishings!

There are some beautiful and luxurious velvet: ottomans, accent chairs, sofas, headboards, footboards and even throws and pillows.

Some of these décor pieces could take your breath away and they maynot even look like the traditional velvet.

To get an idea, why don’t you take a peak below…….  Can you believe that all those sofas are indeed velvet!










Selecting the right furniture and upholstery can at times be a significant investment, so it’s important to choose something that you’ll love in years to come.

Have no fear….. I’m here to help and will let you in, on some of the most well-kept designer secrets!


Insider design tip # 1: Use a bold color for an accent chair if you intend to transform a room.

Insider design tip # 2: Use pillows and throws to add color or soften bright color furniture with neutral accessories such as throws and pillows.

Insider design tip # 3: Don’t be afraid to reupholster an existing sofa or chair. This gives you the option of selecting the exact fabric that suits YOU!

Insider design tip # 4: Sometimes less is more. If there is a new design trend you love, you don’t have to go all out!

If you love velvet, you could opt to use touches of velvet instead of large furniture pieces. This could allow you to easily and inexpensively swap them out if you get tired of them and require a quick change. See touches of velvet pieces below:





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Sep 11

How To Set Up A Successful Budget!

The word “budget” is one most consumers hate to talk about; hence they avoid this topic by any means necessary for numerous reasons.

Here are the three (3) common reasons consumers fear budgets:

  1. It makes them feel nervous to venture into the unknown
  2. They simply don’t want to face reality
  3. They think a budget requires impossible sacrifices that will affect their lifestyle

But a budget doesn’t have to be that way. Budgets can actually be fun and very rewarding…..

Here is a simple but rewarding way to set up a successful budget.
1. Gather all your monthly bills (credit card statements, store credit cards, loans, car loan statement and utilities bills etc.)

  1. Be sure to include onetime spending such as: Entertainment, Vacations, Special Holidays, Birthdays and Christmas Gifts. Estimate your yearly spending for these special occasions then divide them by twelve to get the amount to be included in your monthly budget.
  2. Now, don’t forget your savings, actually this should be accounted for before expenses. And yes, your savings is not negotiable! It could be a fixed amount or at least 3-5% percentage of your monthly salary.


  1. Create two bill payment folders. Label one folder bills due 1-15th of each month and the second folder, bills due 15-31st of each month.
  2. Pay your bills twice per month preferably on the 1st and 15th of each month or align with your salary pay schedule. Paying bills twice per month creates a pattern of consistency instead of operating haphazardly, hence missing payments. The estimated time is approximately 30 minutes twice per month to organize, pay and record all bill payments.
  3. Use a monthly budget tracking form; such as excel, a free online budget planner or a simple writing journal. To get a FREE copy of our budget tracking sheet, send an email to:
  4. Key: a good budget tracking sheet should have a blank column where you can list all your bills by due date. Plus the following columns: payment amount, type of expense, date bill paid, amount paid, outstanding balance owing, interest rate, interest paid, principal paid and the purpose of the loan.
  5. Add up your total income. Subtract total expenses and forced savings. If your expenses are well below your monthly income, you’re in good shape! If on the other hand, your expenses exceed your income, you may need to cut your expenses or seek professional help from a financial planner.
  6. Be sure to tally your total amount paid in interest every month. This could be a real shocker….. Especially if you’re paying mostly interest every month and very little principal.
  7. Every month plan to spend at least one hour with your bills, calculator and budget planner to get organized for the next month. It’s best to plan for the upcoming month between the 24th -28th of current month. This will ensure you’re always a step ahead and well organized when the new month arrives.
  8. Make sure you are constantly accessing your balance owing, interest rate, interest paid and purpose of loans. If your interest rates are on the high side, this may be a good opportunity to negotiate the interest rate with your bank or consider other banks or credit union with lower interest rate.

There you have it… simple, but rewarding way to set up a successful budget!


After Reviewing Your Budget, Ask Yourself These Two (2) Simple Questions….

This will give you a good outlook on your finances!

  1. The credit cards or loans that I’m currently paying, why do I have them?
    2. Are they worthwhile investments?

If the answer does not include a worthwhile investment, attack your debts by paying them down immediately!!!!


Pictures courtesy of Microsoft Word clip arts.


Wandanna Wallace

Savings and Money Expert and Real Estate Investment Expert

You can usually find Wandanna online at the following Facebook Groups:

Bank Foreclosure House Prices –

What Not To Renovate

Mortgage Cut Pros –

Home Buyer Advantage Program –

Sep 03

What is the best vacuum to use on hardwood floors?

This is a common question faced by many homeowners that recently updated their flooring from carpet to hardwood. To help you all out, I’ve put together this article as a guide to help you select a hardwood floors friendly vacuum that avoids scratching.


Hardwood flooring is now becoming a common MUST have on most homeowners and potential homebuyers list. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association hardwood floor installation is seeing the highest growth in flooring category. The National Wood Flooring Association reports spending is up 400% as compared to 20 years ago.

Most homeowners and potential homebuyers like hardwood floors for these three main reasons.

  1. It’s easier to clean than carpet
  2. It’s beautiful yet has sustainable longevity.
  3. Having hardwood flooring could also add value to your home.

Before making any upgrades, it’s always a good idea to speak with a local Realtor in your area to get a professional advice as to your potential return on your investment.


Everyone loves gleaming hardwood floors, but having hardwood floor is only half the battle.  Well maintained floor could really set your home apart from others. So how do you keep your hardwood floors clean and free from scratch and dents?

I’ve put together my most common and useful hardwood floor care toolkit for you below, I hope you enjoy….


Hardwood Floor Care Toolkit and Steps:

  1. Vacuum hardwood floors to clean and remove dust without scratching or denting using your special hardwood floor vacuum.
  2. Use a soft damp mop with a natural mixture of water, soft soap, vinegar and your favourite scent such as: vanilla.

Why should you have a special vacuum for hardwood floors?

Are you aware that most vacuums were created to handle carpet cleaning only?

Here are a few reasons why a regular vacuum may not clean and care for your hardwood floors properly:

  1. Thick bristle roller brushes are found in most vacuums and could scratch your beautiful hardwood floors. These are normally hard and pointed.
  2. Most carpet cleaning vacuums have plastic wheels, which could scratch and scrape your hardwood floors.

How to select a vacuum that is hardwood floor friendly?

Jul 03

Modern Dining Room Table Turn Old World French Glam!


Wow, this project had me going through many emotions as part of me wanted to strip away the varnish and keep all beautiful natural elements. I went back and forth but decided to stick with my original plan of painting table with the jewel blue supreme chalk paint.


Step # 1 – Gather all required painting supplies for this project.

Step # 2 – Clean and prep furniture

Wipe down dining room table and chairs with a lint free rag. (If the furniture is dirty, you can use a solution of: water, soap and a bit of vinegar). Be sure to allow your furniture to dry completely, before painting.


Step # 3 – Re-upholstery chairs.


To utilise time wisely, we like to tackle our cushion seats while we wait for the chairs to dry. The easiest way to re-upholster a chair cushion is to lay the fabric down and put the cushion on top. Be sure to straighten your fabric and cut to line up with your design pattern. Take your staple gun and staple the fabric to the cushion. The picture in the far right is what the finish product looks like. It doesn’t have to be neat, remember the bottom will be screwed down to the chair, and won’t be visible.


Step # 4 – Prep table and paint.

Step # 5 – Use a bit of dark wax or shoe polish to make the pieces appear vintage. To add extra dramatic effect, add a bit of white paint and use a link free rag to rub in white paint. Once finish use a clear wax or shoe polish clear finish to protect paint.


Hope this blog helps!

What do you think about this makeover?




Jun 17

Beautiful Waterfall Dining Room Table Makeover

Beautiful Waterfall Dining Room Table Makeover


Painting Supplies and Material List

Oval dining room table       

Constance Extendable Dining Table

WNTR angel white supreme chalk paint

WNTR Paint Collection: waterfall and shimmering silver finish.

Scissors  Staple gun  Safety glasses  Disposable gloves 

Assorted paint brush set

Approx 1.5 – 2 metres of fabric to cover 4 standard chairs.


Accessories List




Step # 1Envision how you would like your dining room table to look at the end.



Step # 2 – Gather all required painting supplies for this project.

Not sure what is needed to redo a dining room table? Checkout our material list above.


Step # 3 – Clean and prep furniture

Wipe down dining room table and chairs with a lint free rag. (If the furniture is dirty, you can use a solution of : water, soap and a bit of vinegar). Be sure to allow your furniture to dry completely, before painting.


Step # 4Remove cushion from chair

Turn the chairs over and remove screws that fasten the seats.


Step # 5 – Paint chairs

This is where NOT being an expert painter works! Chalk paint works well even if you’re a beginner. Insider trick: as you paint, use a soft lint free damp cloth to clean up as you go along. Allow 2- 4 hours for your chairs to dry completely.


Step # 6 – Re-upholstery chairs.

To utilize time wisely, we like to tackle our cushion seats while we wait for the chairs to dry. The easiest way to re-upholster a chair cushion is to lay the fabric down and put the cushion on top. You can measure by pulling a piece of the fabric over the cushion to see where it falls and then cut. Be sure to straighten your fabric and cut to line up with your design pattern. Take your staple gun and staple the fabric to the cushion.


Step # 7 – Examine your finish re-upholster

This is what the finish product looks like. It doesn’t have to be neat, remember the bottom will be screwed down to the chair, so it won’t be visible. The picture to the right is the finished side which will be visible. At this point, you’ve earned some brownie points, so take a break or have a snack:)


Step # 8 – Prep table and select paint color.

You can use steps 4 and 5 above to clean and remove table legs.

For this table we used our “What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint Collection”.

The color we selected for the table top is – WNTR Supreme Chalk Paint Collection “Waterfall finish”.

The color we used for the table legs is – WNTR Supreme Chalk Paint Collection “Angel White”

The color we used for the table edge is – WNTR Supreme Chalk Paint Collection “Shimmering Silver”

If you need help selecting that perfect chalk paint colour, why not try “What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint”, our collection has over 41 different colours for you to choose from. Contact us and one of our friendly design associates will be happy to help!


Step # 9 – Now that you’ve painted and your dining room table is all done it’s time to set the stage!

Hope this blog helps!


What do you think about this makeover?

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May 28

How To Transform An Old Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab!

How To Transform An Old Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab!


                         Before                                                                               After


Many homeowners struggle with trying to refresh a dining room on a limited budget. If you’re currently struggling, this post is dedicated to you!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Good furniture is hard to find and expensive!”

This FREE tutorial is designed to help you makeover an old dining room table from drab to fab!

Kind of…. like transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan…………

This will be a fun and life changing experience, guided by an expert furniture painter with step by step instructions.


<<<< If you haven’t grabbed your supplies yet, check out our resource guide below >>>>

Sponsored links.

Paint used for table top – WNTR Fusion Purple

Paint used for table legs – WNTR Supreme White Chalk Paint

Paint used for table skirt – WNTR Lovely Dove Grey

*** Kit Cost $24.99 USD includes all three colors above in 150ml jars ***

For All orders email:

Safety glasses

Disposable gloves 

Sandpaper or sand block – Dollar Tree

Lint free cloth – Dollar Tree


Accessories List


Get Our FREE Step By Step Tutorial On How To Transform A $10 Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab! 

Sign Up Today and Grab A PDF Copy!!

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FREE Monthly Giveaways ~ Pottstown Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Top – by Darby Home Co

May 2017 FREE Giveaway.

Pottstown Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Top – by Darby Home Co

Customer Image Zoomed

Entry Start Date: April 28, 2017

Entry Closing Date: May 31, 2017 @ 11:59pm

Draw Date: June 1, 2017

Winner Will We Notified via Email and or Facebook, so be sure to follow us:

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Jun 17

Seven Ways To Update A Kitchen On A Limited Budget

Are you thinking about updating a kitchen on a limited budget?

Here are few tips to help you update your kitchen on a limited budget.

  1. Paint Kitchen Cabinets – One of the most popular trends is the Rustoleum cabinet kit as it’s easy to use and economical. The Rustoleum cabinet kit has detailed step by video instruction in the kit to help.

   RUST-OLEUM 258242 Dark Tint Base Cabinet Transformations Kit, Large Rust-Oleum 263232 Cabinet Transformations, Small Kit, Pure White


2. Change A Few Cabinet Doors To Glass or FretworkThis is a small insider designer tips to that update could make an ordinary kitchen look like a showpiece.

Elegant Home Fashions Madison Avenue Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet with Glass-Paneled Doors, White Panama Jack 13286 Maho Two Door Cabinet Stein World 13379 Candice Accent Cabinet


3. Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Pulls and Handles – This small change could make the difference between an ordinary and a statement kitchen. Try something that you’ll like but not too personal, avoid getting unique pieces such as knife and spoons.

 Cosmas 4114ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware Rope Scroll Handle Pull - 3&quot; Hole Centers, 10-Pack by Cosmas


4. Add BacksplashMost backsplash area has limited square footage of around 10 – 40 square feet. If you purchase tiles for approx. $10 per square foot this could keep your budget down.

DC Fix 346-0306 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble


5. Update or Replace Countertop – We know what you’re thinking…. You’re probably thinking replacing countertops will be expensive. The good news, there are options to keep your budget economical. Checkout the Rustoleum Countertop kit that’s gaining popularity because it’s economical and easy to use.

Another option is laminate, the design and quality has improved over the years and they even have some new beautiful stone look at affordable prices. Visit or for options.

Formica Sheet Laminate 4 x 8: Butterum GraniteFormica® Laminate: Basalt Slate 4ft x 8ft sheet Formica Sheet Laminate 5 x 12: Belmonte Granite


6. Replace FaucetThis is kind of like adding icing to your cake. 



7. Change Old and Dirty Switch Plates – This is one of the most economical tip that sadly most homeowners miss. Nothing says dated than an updated kitchen with old switch plates. Switch plates can be purchased starting at a dollar each, so for a few dollars go for it! You can try swapping out old and dirty plates for new white or stainless steel ones.

Brainerd 64411 Beaded Single Toggle Switch Wall Plate / Switch Plate / Cover, Venetian Bronze  


Hope you find this blog useful.

What are your thoughts on these cost effective ideas?


~ Milan ~


May 27

Is it better and cheaper to purchase big box store or custom kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets normally represent a big chunk of most kitchen renovations.With the endless choices, the selection process can be complicated and time consuming. Most homeowners are surprised by the time and energy investment that may be required. This initial time and energy investment can go a long way towards the end results of a spectacular kitchen showpiece at an affordable price!As a general rule of thumb,kitchen cabinets are usually priced per linear feet for standard size wall and base cabinets.The price usually varies for the different door styles and non-standard cabinet sizes.

Here are the most common mistakes made by most homeowners in selecting kitchen cabinets:

1.      They select stock kitchen cabinets based solely on the initial purchase price excluding assembly and installation cost.

2.     They think there are only two options:big box (stock) and custom kitchen cabinets.

3.     They assume that custom cabinets are always expensive and out of reach.

We’ll be addressing these three common concerns with solutions and Insider Home Designer Tips. Stay tune and read to the end……


Stock Kitchen Cabinetry-The most popular store for stock cabinets is Ikea. They usually mass produce cabinets based on set finishes, colors and sizes.


Stock kitchen cabinet


  • 1.      If you need your kitchen installed quickly, you can usually visit a location to select, order and have the items picked up or delivered to your home in 5 – 10 days.
  • 2.     The cost can be inexpensive.
  • 3.     If your home or condo’s resale value is in a lower price range, it’s probably wise to select a basic cabinet. This could help to keep your cost down and maximize your return on investment. Consult with a local Realtor and Home Appraiser before making a decision. The advice from your local experts could save you thousands if you decide to sell in the near future.


  • 1.      The available options are limited.
  • 2.     The cabinets are not assembled and are in boxes, so you will need to get them assembled and installed on your own.
  • 3.     It may appear that you’ve saved money on the purchase price, but watch out for assembly and installation cost. Before making a purchase decision, get estimates for the assembly and installation.
  • 4.     The cabinets may not fit in your wall space perfectly, so watch out for corners and awkward spaces.
  • 5.     Particle board and MDF are two common materials used for stock cabinets. They are susceptible to water and have a shorter life span than plywood and wood.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinetry– The most popular stores for semi-custom kitchen cabinets are Lowes and Home Depot.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet


  • 1.     Hundreds of available options for your selection with varying prices.
  • 2.     Your order is manufactured and assembled for you, all you have to do is install.
  • 3.     They could fill in your wall space with the use of fillers.
  • 4.     Semi-custom kitchen cabinets might work best for you if your renovation timeline is within a month, as delivery could be within two or three weeks.


1.      With all the available options, the cost can be a little less or more than custom cabinets.

2.     Be sure to verify the delivered time frame with your store as some locations have long delivery wait periods.

3.     Verify the re-delivery and return process if order is incorrect.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetryare designed based on your specific kitchen requirements. The making process could be seen as a form of art for most artisans.You have the options of selecting: the layout, cabinet size variations, color, materials, finishes and decorative features.

Custom kitchen cabinet


  • 1.      The available options are endless. You can create almost anything. It’s easy to incorporate:pots drawers, oversized cupboards and pull-out pantries.
  • 2.     Customized to fit you space perfectly and are delivered and installed for you.
  • 3.     They usually have extended warranty and live after sales support to answer your questions.
  • 4.     Custom cabinets typically use sturdier construction and joinery methods. They often use dovetail joints that interlock pieces of wood to distribute weight and stress evenly. Stock cabinets may not distribute weight and stress evenly because they: bolt, nut, and nail.
  • 5.     Refinishing is possible with real wood cabinets.



  • 1.      Depending on the style, finishes and features that you’ve selected, it can get very expensive. The good news is, you have control on what you order or don’t order.
  • 2.     Custom cabinets have long lead times and could take on average 6-8 weeks.

Insider Home Designer Tip:

If You’re On A Limited Budget, Why Not Combine?

Kitchen cabinets are essentially boxes that have shelves, drawers or doors.Combining a semi-custom kitchen cabinet with custom pieces could lower your cost while integrating uniqueness. There are companies that make doors and drawer faces for stock cabinets,so youdon’t have to necessarily limit yourself to the stock kitchen cabinet doors and drawer faces.

If you don’t know where to begin,hire a kitchen design expert.They know all the ins and outs of the different products and usually have access to insider binders with several available price ranges and options.Designing kitchen cabinets can be lots of fun, hiring a kitchen designer could save you time and even some will pass along their insider pricing to help you create a kitchen that beautifully reflects your lifestyle.

Hope this blog helps!

~ Best of luck always ~



May 27

Beautiful basements designed for: kids, family entertainment, or adult.

Finishing a basement is a decision that most owners struggle with.


Here are some popular ways finished basments are used: playroom, movie room, family room, bar, wine cellar, library, office, craft room, laundry or guest room. We’ve included some favorite basement design ideas and images below.


Insider Home Deign Tip: Depending upon your home size and lifestyle; you could even try combing a couple. With the right basement design expert on your team, you could have your cake and eat it too…..


Basements designed for children:

Create A Magical Indoor Basement Playhouse Or Game Area


Photo credit:       Photo credit:


Basements designed for family or entertaining:

Create A Den or Family Entertainment Room With A Kitchenette


Photo credit:

Photo credit:



Basements designed for adults:

Create The Bar Of Your Dreams Or An Old World Charm Wine Cellar

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


Create A Craft Room | Office  | Library


Photo credit: Photo credit:

Photo credit:


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