Jul 03

Modern Dining Room Table Turn Old World French Glam!


Wow, this project had me going through many emotions as part of me wanted to strip away the varnish and keep all beautiful natural elements. I went back and forth but decided to stick with my original plan of painting table with the jewel blue supreme chalk paint.


Step # 1 – Gather all required painting supplies for this project.

Step # 2 – Clean and prep furniture

Wipe down dining room table and chairs with a lint free rag. (If the furniture is dirty, you can use a solution of: water, soap and a bit of vinegar). Be sure to allow your furniture to dry completely, before painting.


Step # 3 – Re-upholstery chairs.


To utilise time wisely, we like to tackle our cushion seats while we wait for the chairs to dry. The easiest way to re-upholster a chair cushion is to lay the fabric down and put the cushion on top. Be sure to straighten your fabric and cut to line up with your design pattern. Take your staple gun and staple the fabric to the cushion. The picture in the far right is what the finish product looks like. It doesn’t have to be neat, remember the bottom will be screwed down to the chair, and won’t be visible.


Step # 4 – Prep table and paint.

Step # 5 – Use a bit of dark wax or shoe polish to make the pieces appear vintage. To add extra dramatic effect, add a bit of white paint and use a link free rag to rub in white paint. Once finish use a clear wax or shoe polish clear finish to protect paint.


Hope this blog helps!

What do you think about this makeover?




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