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How To Select A Kitchen Backsplash With A Wow Factor

Kitchen backsplash usually functions as a focal point or complements a kitchen design, hence its often referred to as kitchen jewelery. To select a kitchen backsplash with a wow factor, a few important key factors need to be considered. For example: your design style, color preference, material texture, maintenance and of course your budget. We will be breaking down all these factors and provide easy to follow practical tips.


Here is the most common homeowner backsplash dilemma!

What should be selected first, the backsplash or countertops and cabinets?

This is kind of like the chicken or egg question. Which is first?


Good Reason To Select Your Kitchen Cabinets and Countertop First: They represent a big investment in your kitchen and are not easily changed at a moment’s notice. They often require a lot of lead time from order to delivery then to installation.

Good Reason To Select Your Kitchen Backsplash First: If used as a focal your backsplash is out of stock, back ordered or discontinued then your whole kitchen design would be in jeopardy.

Whichever option is selected first, there isn’t a right or wrong answer as they both have good arguments. To help alleviate stress, decide what will be the focal point in the kitchen. If it’s your kitchen cabinets or countertops, then the backsplash become secondary. If the backsplash is the focal point then get it taken care of very early in the planning process. A very important point to note; the backsplash, countertops and kitchen cabinets will meet, so be sure to ensure that they all work cohesively together to either complement or contrast nicely. Just like in life to be a successful team we all need to work cohesively together.


 Five Key Factors To Selecting A Kitchen Backsplash With A Wow Factor:

1. Design Style – What’s your personal style? Is it vintage, classic, traditional, contemporary or transitional? Your personal style could be used as a guide when selecting the materials for your backsplash design. Some homeowners make the mistake of selecting a backsplash based solely on their design style, but it’s also important to consider functionality. Not sure what’s your design style? Request a FREE design consultation at www.WhatNotToRenovate.com

2. Color Preference – The kitchen cabinets, countertops, floor and backsplash must all work cohesively together.  Each part must work together in order to create an inviting look and feel.


3. Material Texture:

Tile – tends to be a popular choice because it can be very cost effective and there are several options. Here are some of the most common types of tiles: stone, mosaic, glass, artisan handcrafted and terracotta.

Mirror – is a good idea to use in a small space as it reflects light and could make an otherwise small kitchen appear larger. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to clean.

Tin – is an old fashion design trend that’s making a comeback. If selected carefully it could really make a space standout and the bonuses are its affordable and durable.

Glass – recycled glass can create an artful customize backsplash.

Patterns and Shapes – don’t be afraid of trying different patterns and shapes, you may even end up with a really unique design.

4. Maintenance this is a very important, yet commonly overlooked area. How often will you need to clean the backsplash? It’s a great idea to read up on cleaning and maintenance requirements for the different materials. Tiles usually collect dust and grease easily, so be prepared to clean. Also consider how the different materials react to food such as oils, ketchup and red wine.

5. Budget decide on a budget upfront as you could overspend easily without realizing. See tips below to help you control your budget.

ü  Shop at tile outlets – They often have the high end designer tiles at reduce prices.

ü  Mix and match – You can always use majority low to medium price tiles mixed with a few accent high end pieces. The key to achieving a great look is in placement and proportionate. This is where if you’re not sure, consult with a home design expert, the time and will be well worth it. Here are a few materials you could combine: stone mosaics, glass, metal stixs or different sizes and colors of the same material.

ü  Choose versatile materials that won’t go out of style, such as white ceramic tiles. You can always add borders or lines to spruce things up a notch.

ü  Natural materials such as; marble, stone and travertine are often more affordable as tiles rather than slabs.

ü  Be flexible and look for a bargain. Checkout: AmazonKijiji, Ebay, Craigslist,Overstock.com and discount sections in big box stores. You could be surprised and find some fabulous finds.


Do you have a kitchen backsplash design challenges? Get Your Home Design Questions Answered For Free @ www.WhatNotToRenovate.com

Best Of Luck and Love Always!

~ Milan ~

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