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How To Dress Up Your Kitchen Like A Showpiece!

How To Dress Up A Kitchen Like A Showpiece!

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) kitchen cabinetry could take up to 40% of a remodeling budget. To ensure you’re get the best value for your money and to avoid costly mistakes, why not explore all available options before making a decision.



Quality of construction:

Solid wood – Tends to be expensive.

Budget friendly insider designer tip: ask your cabinet maker if you could use the solid wood for just the doors and frames.


Good quality laminate – can be made with high -quality, thick particleboard underneath the laminate finish.

Always make sure that inside every cabinet is well finished and has adjustable shelving at least 5/8 inch thick to prevent sagging.


Here’s a list of kitchen cabinet design finishes to dress up your kitchen like a showpiece:

Rope Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This gives kitchens an elegant and rich look. Don’t be surprised if your guests are drawn to this design and find them so irresistible, they just have to touch your kitchen cabinets.

AM1008 Rope Applied Molding (S142-Harmony) Face of Veneered Flat Panel Application

Photo credit: http://walzcraft.com/products/cabinet-doors/applied-molding-cabinet-doors/#ropebeadedam



Beaded Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This is kind of similar to the rope design. Most people find themselves torn between the rope and the beaded design. If you find yourself torn between the rope and beaded design, an experienced and professional home designer can help you incorporate both designs into your kitchen beautifully!

AM1714 (S686-Parsons) Carved Beaded Applied Molding FM Shelf Application

Photo credit: http://walzcraft.com/products/cabinet-doors/applied-molding-cabinet-doors/#ropebeadedam



Egg and Dart Molding Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This is an elegant and classic look. This design looks great with distressed or french design theme kitchens.

AM1108 (S352-Penn) Egg and Dart Shelf Applied Molding

Photo credit: http://walzcraft.com/products/cabinet-doors/applied-molding-cabinet-doors/#ropebeadedam



Corbels Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – Using corbels is a great way to make your kitchen standout and look impressive. Like it’s often said, the devil is in the details. Paying attention and adding these small finishing touches, could make the difference between an ordinary and an extra-ordinary kitchen.

Wood Corbels

Photo credit: http://walzcraft.com/category/online-catalog/moldings-carvings/accent-components-carvings/?id_holder=resourceblock3&parentcat=Moldings&Carvings&linkcat=AccentComponents&Carvings


Corbels and Columns Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – For a designer finish kitchen, add some corbels and columns. If you need help, contact an experienced home designer for expert help and advise.

Decorative Metallic Inserts for-Corbels and Legs

Photo credit: http://walzcraft.com/category/online-catalog/moldings-carvings/accent-components-carvings/?id_holder=resourceblock3&parentcat=Moldings&Carvings&linkcat=AccentComponents&Carvings



Fluted pilasters Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This is by far one of the most requested finish in medium to high end kitchens. If you’re on a tight budget and need a designer kitchen, ask an experienced home designer for guidance.

Photo credit: http://www.ackleycabinet.com/blog/2015/12/2/making-your-kitchen-your-kitchen



Molding Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – Are similar to crown molding but are designed especially for the top and bottom of kitchen cabinets. They make the kitchen cabinets appear grander and well appointed.

Impressive kitchen with granite counter tops in luxury home

Photo credit: http://designingidea.com/luxury-kitchen-design-ideas-part-2/


Fretwork Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This design could make your kitchen cabinet stand out with a statement glass. Also gaining popularity with this design is storage cabinets as well.

Kitchen Cabinets, Maple Kitchen Cabinets items in RTA

Photo credit: http://kitcuup.com/cheap-white-kitchen-cupboard-doors/


Bull’s-Eye Panels Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – The Bull eye’s are mostly added to panels for that extra touch to cabinets. See the bull eye’s design below the countertop on the left hand side.




Balusters Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – Balusters are those gorgeous legs used for the kitchen islands below.


Photo credits: http://designingidea.com/luxury-kitchen-design-ideas-part-2/


Whole and Tapered Feet Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This is another simple and elegant way to make your kitchen standout from the crowd.

Cabinet Feet - Maple 130514 (Bun Feet)




Toe Kick Valances Kitchen Cabinet Design Finishes – This design is a great design finish. They are not only for base kitchen cabinets, but also could be used on nightstand, dressers and highboys.

Toe Kick Valance 1789

Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valances



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