Sep 14

Fall 2017 Velvet Home Furnishing Design Trends

As the weather shifts into fall, it can be a calm and exciting time to redecorate your home.

After all, who wouldn’t like to relax in a comfy house with a hot cup of tea or coffee in their favorite sofa or chair?


Talking about favorite chair or sofa…….. Have you seen the latest luxurious and hip velvet home furnishings lately?

Yes, you heard me right, velvet home furnishings.

And believe me….I’m not talking about your grandmother’s favorite velvet home furnishings!

There are some beautiful and luxurious velvet: ottomans, accent chairs, sofas, headboards, footboards and even throws and pillows.

Some of these décor pieces could take your breath away and they maynot even look like the traditional velvet.

To get an idea, why don’t you take a peak below…….  Can you believe that all those sofas are indeed velvet!










Selecting the right furniture and upholstery can at times be a significant investment, so it’s important to choose something that you’ll love in years to come.

Have no fear….. I’m here to help and will let you in, on some of the most well-kept designer secrets!


Insider design tip # 1: Use a bold color for an accent chair if you intend to transform a room.

Insider design tip # 2: Use pillows and throws to add color or soften bright color furniture with neutral accessories such as throws and pillows.

Insider design tip # 3: Don’t be afraid to reupholster an existing sofa or chair. This gives you the option of selecting the exact fabric that suits YOU!

Insider design tip # 4: Sometimes less is more. If there is a new design trend you love, you don’t have to go all out!

If you love velvet, you could opt to use touches of velvet instead of large furniture pieces. This could allow you to easily and inexpensively swap them out if you get tired of them and require a quick change. See touches of velvet pieces below:





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