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May 27

Beautiful basements designed for: kids, family entertainment, or adult.

Finishing a basement is a decision that most owners struggle with.   Here are some popular ways finished basments are used: playroom, movie room, family room, bar, wine cellar, library, office, craft room, laundry or guest room. We’ve included some favorite basement design ideas and images below.   Insider Home Deign Tip: Depending upon your home size and …

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May 06

Nineteen Tips To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger Without Breaking The Bank!

A well planned bathroom considers and incorporates the needs of the end users. Have you ever been in a crammed bathroom? How comforting does it feel? Bathrooms no matter how small should never feel confining.   So how can you make a small bathroom look beautiful and bigger without breaking the bank? Here are 19 …

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Apr 20

How To Select A Kitchen Countertop Design Edge

Like the popular saying, the devil is in the details. When remodeling a kitchen, all the small details can either transform your kitchen into a disaster or a unique masterpiece. The two most common kitchen design mistakes made by homeowners are; selecting too many beautiful design finishes and as a result they constantly compete or selecting …

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Apr 07

How To Select A Kitchen Backsplash With A Wow Factor

Kitchen backsplash usually functions as a focal point or complements a kitchen design, hence its often referred to as kitchen jewelery. To select a kitchen backsplash with a wow factor, a few important key factors need to be considered. For example: your design style, color preference, material texture, maintenance and of course your budget. We …

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Mar 31

Top 7 Things Not To Renovate Before Selling A Home.

Renovating a home before selling is a task that most homeowners either avoid like the plague or become too happy and overdo!! What does renovating overdo really mean? This typically means renovating any and everything in a home regardless of the potential return on their money (investment).   The irony is that most people renovate or …

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Mar 28

Top Ten Ways To Transform A Living Room On A Limited Budget!

Why should one even think about transforming a living room? Because living rooms are often a popular place where family members connect and share meaningful and loving conversation. Secondly: it’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and snuggle up with a great book before a cozy fireplace or a waterfall.   …

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Mar 23

What’s The Difference Between A Kitchen Island and A Peninsula?

It’s often said, everyone loves kitchens and they sell homes! Ironically, even people who don’t cook much, also love beautiful kitchens. When designing a kitchen, a common dilemma faced by most homeowners is deciding between selecting a kitchen island or a peninsula? Careful thought and planning should be factored in all aspects of a kitchen design. The planning stage …

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Mar 22

Seven Tips To Create The Perfect Kitchen For The Host That Likes To Entertain!

Seven Tip To Create The Perfect Kitchen For The Host That Likes To Entertain! This is an example of a beautiful open concept of a kitchen designed for a host that likes to entertain.  If you would like to create this look, here are a few key things to do: 1. Add recessed lighting to create an …

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Mar 14

How To Dress Up Your Kitchen Like A Showpiece!

How To Dress Up A Kitchen Like A Showpiece! According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) kitchen cabinetry could take up to 40% of a remodeling budget. To ensure you’re get the best value for your money and to avoid costly mistakes, why not explore all available options before making a decision.   Quality of construction: …

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Mar 09

We Love Beautiful Bathrooms

We Lve Beautiful Bathrooms Are you considering a bathroom remodel? If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, but not sure where to begin…. Visit our blog every Wednesday to view beautiful bathroom remodels to get your inspired. This is a simple classic grey and white bathroom remodel with glass and stone mosaic backsplash. The great thing about a classic grey …

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