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9 Easy Steps To Transform A $10 Dining Room Table From Drag To Fabulous!

9 Easy Steps To Transform A $10 Dining Room Table From Drag To Fabulous!


                                   Before                                                                                        After

Many homeowners struggle with trying to refresh a dining room on a limited budget. If you’re currently struggling, this blog is dedicated to you!

There is a material and accessories list provided at the bottom of this blog for your convenience and reference.


Step # 1Envision the end results of your dining room table

The dining room table above was bought for $9.99.

If you need help finding an old dining room table for a great price?

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Step # 2 – Gather all required painting supplies for this project.

Not sure what is needed to redo a dining room table? Checkout our material list below.


Step # 3 – Clean and prep furniture

Wipe down dining room table and chairs with a lint free rag. (If the furniture is dirty, you can use a mixer of water, soap and a bit of vinegar). Allow furniture to dry, before painting.


Step # 4Remove cushion from chair

Turn the chairs over and remove screws that fasten the seats.


Step # 5 – Paint chairs

This is where NOT being an expert painter works! Chalk paint works well even if you’re a beginner. Insider trick: as you paint use a soft lint free damp cloth to clean up as you go along. Allow 2- 4 hours for your chairs to dry.


Step # 6 – Redo chair upholstery

To utilize time wisely, we like to tackle our cushion seats while we wait for the chairs to dry. The easiest way to re-upholster a chair cushion is to lay the fabric down and put the cushion on top. You can measure by pulling a piece of the fabric over the cushion to see where it falls and then cut. Be sure to straighten your fabric and cut to line up with your design pattern. Take your staple gun and staple the fabric to the cushion.


Step # 7 – Examine your finish reupholster

This is what the finish product looks like. It doesn’t have to be neat, remember the bottom will be screwed down to the chair, so it won’t be visible. The picture to the right is the finished side which will be visible. At this point, you’ve earned some brownie points, so take a break or have a snack:)


Step # 8 – Prep table and select paint color.

You can use steps 4 and 5 above to clean and remove table legs.

For this table we used our “What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint Collection”.

The color we selected for the table top is – What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint Collection “Purple Fusion”. The color we used for the table legs is – What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint Collection “Angel White”

If you need help selecting that perfect chalk paint color, why not try “What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint”, our collection has over 41 different colors for you to choose from.

Step # 9 – Now that you’ve painted and your dining room table is all done it’s time to set the stage!

Painting Supplies and Material List

  1. What Not To Renovate Supreme Chalk Paint – over 41 colors available *** *** Receive a FREE four (4) piece paint brush set with all orders ***


  1. Chair fabric (1 yard recommended per chair)


  1. Scissors

5. Staple Gun


Accessories List

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