May 28

How To Transform An Old Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab!

How To Transform An Old Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab!


                         Before                                                                               After


Many homeowners struggle with trying to refresh a dining room on a limited budget. If you’re currently struggling, this post is dedicated to you!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Good furniture is hard to find and expensive!”

This FREE tutorial is designed to help you makeover an old dining room table from drab to fab!

Kind of…. like transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan…………

This will be a fun and life changing experience, guided by an expert furniture painter with step by step instructions.


<<<< If you haven’t grabbed your supplies yet, check out our resource guide below >>>>

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Paint used for table top – WNTR Fusion Purple

Paint used for table legs – WNTR Supreme White Chalk Paint

Paint used for table skirt – WNTR Lovely Dove Grey

*** Kit Cost $24.99 USD includes all three colors above in 150ml jars ***

For All orders email: admin@whatnottorenovate.com

Safety glasses

Disposable gloves 

Sandpaper or sand block – Dollar Tree

Lint free cloth – Dollar Tree


Accessories List


Get Our FREE Step By Step Tutorial On How To Transform A $10 Dining Room Table From Drag To Fab! 

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