Monthly Archive: September 2017

Sep 14

Fall 2017 Velvet Home Furnishing Design Trends

As the weather shifts into fall, it can be a calm and exciting time to redecorate your home. After all, who wouldn’t like to relax in a comfy house with a hot cup of tea or coffee in their favorite sofa or chair?   Talking about favorite chair or sofa…….. Have you seen the latest …

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Sep 11

How To Set Up A Successful Budget!

The word “budget” is one most consumers hate to talk about; hence they avoid this topic by any means necessary for numerous reasons. Here are the three (3) common reasons consumers fear budgets: It makes them feel nervous to venture into the unknown They simply don’t want to face reality They think a budget requires …

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Sep 03

What is the best vacuum to use on hardwood floors?

This is a common question faced by many homeowners that recently updated their flooring from carpet to hardwood. To help you all out, I’ve put together this article as a guide to help you select a hardwood floors friendly vacuum that avoids scratching.   Hardwood flooring is now becoming a common MUST have on most …

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